This is a very basic, very bad website. I have no clue what I'm doing.
This website features advanced web development features such as HTML and CSS. I didn't make it for a project or anything; I was just bored. Thanks to rigorous optimization (read: Not knowing enough about web development for anything fancy) this website has a size in the kilobytes.


These are a few links to other sites hosted on this server. More will come, probably.

About Me

As far as the internet is concerned, I go by "waterlubber" or "waterlubber42" (depending on which website I'm on and whether or not people stole my username.)
I play a lot of games, mostly indie and sandbox type. This webserver was created to host a wiki, but it will probably do other things in the future. Anyway, you can always message me as waterlubber#7959 on Discord, /u/waterlubber42 on Reddit, by appending to my username and sending an email to that.